Mughef and Baichi Village

Our last trek of the week was to the villages of Baichi and Mughef .  Once there, we met up with Project Hope volunteer, Ndiwum Chrysanthus Ngeh.  This is his village, he knows the people here and has begun to identify vulnerable children who will benefit from A Call to Mercy’s program with Project Hope.  These villages cross small creeks and bridges that can only be reached by foot.  We parked the bike and trekked.  It is a beautiful place, mountains in the tropics.  Because it’s the dry season there is always a haze caused by the Harmattan dry winds blowing across the Sahara Desert.  We love trekking in these hills and mountains, walking the paths that these people walk.  Being on foot, we feel more connected to this place.  Alongside the extreme poverty and the lack of development you find a people very connected to the land.  Most people here plant some if not all of their own food. They eat what grows in their environment.  They waste nothing.  They use their natural environment in ingenious ways.  At one home, we were gifted with a 6ft stick of sugar cane, looks much like a thick bamboo stick. In order to take it on the motor bike, it was broke in half and tied onto the bike with a strip of dried leaf from a palm tree. I’ve seen children take the same strips of dried leaves and tie together for a jump rope.  We in the West could learn from them., how to come back to the land.  As always the families we visited were humble and welcoming.


One comment on “Mughef and Baichi Village

  1. robhermans says:

    Great post Love … pics and words … so saddening – may be hard t get some of these images out of your heard – I approved a comment form Keiza from a couple of days ago … it was down the pile … love Rob


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