A visit to a remote compound.

We traveled by motor bike with Project Hope Staff, Jean Bernard,  for approximately 40 minutes to a remote village high in the mountain.  There we were met by Francis Fungwi, a volunteer with Project Hope who lives in this village.  We trekked with him to a compound looking for one child, Carine, who was known to them because of her HIV status.  She had not been seen at the hospital for a few months for her meds and they wanted to check on her.  When we arrived, there were 9 children living there, most looking malnourished and some very ill.  Hopefully, they were convinced to come to the hospital clinic tomorrow for treatment.  The families often will default on treatment because they cannot afford the required labs every 6 months, because of the long trek to pick up their meds, and also because they may get here and there are no meds which are gotten free from the government. Distribution is not always reliable.  Project Hope does their best to educate people on the extreme importance of keeping up with their health visits, especially for the children.


4 comments on “A visit to a remote compound.

  1. Judy OBrien says:

    Most of these pictures leave me speechless….you wonder what chance do these children have.
    Bless you for doing what you can. It must have been a hard day for both of you. Love Judy


  2. keziarenee says:

    Such knowing in Canine’s eyes – hard images to witness – yes, echoing what Judy said, must have been a hard visit for both of you. Challenging circumstances for those in the compound. Light to all, and may they receive the love, help and assistance they require.


  3. Jessie says:

    Thank you for sharing (: I’m so moved by the work you all are doing!! Much love (:


  4. Carlene nardi says:

    I am so blown away by the two of you. Your generous spirit is making a difference to all you encounter. Nothing can touch that. BIG LOVE and hugs to you both. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo


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