Project in Motion, A Look at One Child.

Last week we posted pictures of Carine, an 8 year old orphan girl who we visited at her family compound.   Carine was known to Project Hope because of her HIV status.  She had defaulted on her medicine and had not been seen at the clinic for many months.  Although the meds are free, the required periodic lab tests are not.  The clinic will give the lab tests if a family cannot pay but they will “owe” the amount and most do not want to incur the debt.  Also, the clinic visit costs 500 CFAs, the equivalent of $1.  That is more than many can afford.   So we went with Project Hope in search of Carine last week.  Carine’s caretaker is her elderly grandmother, who lives at the compound with two daughters and their children.  Project Hope’s Nyongo Jean Benard Komtangi spoke sternly with the adults about the importance of making sure the child, an innocent, got back on her medication.  Carine has been enrolled in Project Hope’s Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s program in partnership with A Call to Mercy.                                                Friday was children’s day at the HIV clinic and Carine arrived around 7:30am.  She had walked many miles accompanied by an 11 year old cousin to reach the hospital.  She was checked in and waited for hours to complete the process of receiving her medications.  This 8 year old girl sat alone with the medical counselor, answered questions about her health and any side effects and took instructions on the proper way to take her medication.  These children have a strength and resiliency born of necessity that is difficult to put into words.   There were several other children whom we had visited during our implementation of the project who also came to the clinic on Friday.  A great big thank you to all who have supported us and continue to support us.  There is still much to do, but the fruits of your generosity have been set in motion.


One comment on “Project in Motion, A Look at One Child.

  1. Carlene nardi says:

    T, carine receiving her “hope in a bottle”, love what you capture.


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