The orphanage is where A Call to Mercy started.  Max is in the orphanage. We are both completely in love with this child.  We met Max here 3 years ago .  Now he is 6 yrs old and remains in the orphanage by the grace of God.  He is here with his mother, Veronica, who is 26 and still finishing high school.  There is a family relationship with one of the sisters and help with school fees from a wonderful sponsor…so the rules are bent a bit for this child and his mother.  To be with Max is to be completely with joy.  He is at the age where he wants to please everyone, perhaps he senses the uncertainties…. but he is so enthusiastic about life.  Sunday, Carol and I had decided to trek over the hills.  We saw Max at the fence as we walked and decided to bring him along with us.  Our pleasure was increased one hundred fold by his presence.  We had a little picnic sitting on the edge of a hill and Max spotted a mango tree far below.  He was desperate to go see if he could find a ripe mango…so we trekked down the side of the mountain to the tree.  Max first tried reaching the fruit with a stick but finally resorted to throwing some fallen spoiled fruit at the ripe fruit…and down it came.  He was not greedy.  He only wanted one to show to Mimi who remained at the top of the hill waiting for us. This child has so much potential.  He is bright, loving and kind.  He only needs support, love and tender care to blossom.



Max, gathering wood on his way home from school.


Doing his laundry at the orphanage.




Spotting houses in the mountains, and specific trees.


Trekking down to the mango tree.


The prize mango.


Showing Mimi how to know if it is ripe.


10 comments on “Max

  1. Mayzee says:

    Adorable child. Looks like an incredible land.


  2. barb says:

    what a lovely boy…happy with a mango…xxx


  3. Absolutely gorgeous. Lovely child.


  4. Carol says:

    Yet another wonderful day “in the neighborhood!


  5. Kathy Tagliaferri says:

    Don’t know that I will think of Mango quite the same. Love to all of you. Xo


  6. Carlene nardi says:

    and once again I am so Heart-fully moved by this beautiful boy and his generous spirit. The children are the teachers. Your photographs tell so many stories. Thank you for your keen eye and sensitivity. It’s present in all your work. Hug yourself and then hug Mimi, that’s from me. 5 days and counting your return home. Can’t wait. xo


  7. Chip Roach says:

    Thanks, Terry. This was a special post and so moving. I sent it around to my kids, who know your of your talent, but who might not know about your spirit as we do. All the best from Chip & Nancy.


  8. Val Eason says:

    I feel a mixture of both sadness and joy looking at these children, sad they have so little, yet uplifted by their resilience and obvious happiness at what little they do have…..truly wonderful photos terri xxx


  9. donna vagnoni says:

    That is amazing. The pictures are beautiful. I can’t believe how dramatic the landscape is. Triple M. Max, Mango, Mimi. Praying for you both. Love Michael


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