More from Njinikom

Today we met with Sr. Rose, Director of Project Hope and Macdonald Yengong, Head of HIV/AIDS Unit for Project Hope. We will visit more villages this week and continue our work with Project Hope and the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project.  We are learning so much here and are humbled and enriched by the warmth and resiliency of the people of Cameroon.  Click on any image to go to Gallery mode.


5 comments on “More from Njinikom

  1. Carlene nardi says:

    Morning girls, thank you for explaining what the tall stack of(what looks like bound hay)is. Your images resonate with me. Thank you for keeping me in gratitude. Does duodonne know he is a candidate for surgery?


  2. Carlene, Duodonne has cerebral palsy and would not be a candidate for surgery:(


  3. Kezia Lechner says:

    I am so moved by the warmth I feel emanating from all the people you have photographed – you have really entered this year – the photographs themselves are amazing, and worthy of a far larger viewing audience.They will surely unlock doors to funding –
    Following your journey has expanded my world, and I’m so proud of you and of Mimi ! It can’t be easy always to be so present with what you are witness to –

    I don’t really have words to describe all the feelings evoked in me as I have spent time with all the images – again, moved by the power of the heart of the people –


  4. Donna Vagnoni says:

    Thanks so much Terry-these are moving and beautiful pictures, XOXO,


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