A Call to Mercy sponsored Orphan project begins implementation.

Yesterday we began the work of implementing A Call to Mercy’s sponsored Orphan project with Project Hope.  We rode by motorbike into the surrounding villages visiting schools and mud hut homes.  Our visits to the schools with Project Hope staff was to introduce the new program to the teachers and principals.  They will receive a notice from the ministry of education, who has agreed to help by sending a form to all nearby schools asking teachers for their assistance in identifying the most needy children.  All children in this community are vulnerable.  Identifying the most vulnerable children will be done systematically through home interviews. Project Hope staff and volunteers will go to the homes to interview the parent or caregiver and rank the specific needs of the children living there. Ultimately 300 will be selected based on those rankings.  We visited 4 homes yesterday where vulnerable children were known to the PH staff because of the HIV status of their mothers. Some of the children also were HIV positive.  We witnessed the interview process and met some of the children who will surely be selected to receive help from CTM through Project Hope. The day was filled with sadness and hope.  The prolific poverty and conditions that people survive in is truly humbling. We felt honored to be welcomed into their homes.  Click any image to go to Gallery Mode.


4 comments on “A Call to Mercy sponsored Orphan project begins implementation.

  1. Carlene nardi says:

    T, your work is TV documentary worthy. Your photographs are so compelling, it’s overwhelming. I am so proud of my two amazing friends who are making a difference in the world. You bring the hope to a people. Big big love and hugs to you both. xo


  2. Patty Gould-Lucht says:

    Oh, leaving a comment is REALLY easy…which I just realized.
    Ok, the photo of life in Cameroon and sounding areas are amazing, moving, sometimes disturbing and heart warming …sometimes all at the same time.

    Love the beautiful faces of the children; the strength and fortitude of the moms and caretakers; the openness of guys sitting in a classroom at the health clubs.

    Thank you Terry and Carol for giving me images of life that stir my thoughts and rouse my heart to new life. Love to you both.


  3. Jacqui says:

    This picture of Simone is powerful. My goodness…I agree you can make a documentary with these photos. SO revealing.


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