Visiting Schools with Project Hope to meet the Health Clubs

Yesterday we visited 4 schools to witness Project Hope’s Youth outreach in the form of Health Clubs.  Project Hope goes to schools and organizes health clubs for children of all ages to learn how to avoid diseases that are prevalent here.  In villages where there is no running water in the homes, it is important to teach children about the importance of personal hygiene in preventing disease.They teach HIV/AIDS awareness, how to avoid diseases that are caused by contaminated food and water, and preach abstinence and fidelity as the only way to insure avoiding sexually transmitted diseases.  They give the children free HIV testing and encourage everyone to know their status.  If positive, they offer resources for treatment.  One in ten people contract HIV/AIDS in this area of Cameroon.  Most children have lost someone close to the disease.   The clubs aren’t all serious.  They also play games, sing songs, dance and work on being role models of health among their peers.  They talked about the difficulties they face in telling people about the dangers of HIV, peers don’t want to listen.  There is still a stigma about the disease even though it is rampant.  But these kids understand through the work of Project Hope that ignorance is their enemy.


2 comments on “Visiting Schools with Project Hope to meet the Health Clubs

  1. Judy OBrien says:

    Great pictures Terry, you can read their thoughts on their faces, you have managed to capture it in the pictures, pure talent, thanks for sharing it with us. Judy


  2. Kathy Tagliaferri says:

    Hi Ladies! I just got on yesterday, thanks to Donna’s help. I left a comment somewhere, lol. Hope you received it. Terry, your pictures are so moving and magnificent!! The work you two are doing is changing the world as we speak. I am in awe of the both of you 🙂


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