First two days at St Martin de Porres.

Hello….I am at an incredible “compound” that encompasses a hospital (with a newly built TB ward), pharmacy, orphanage, convent, farmland (where they grow food and raise cows, pigs and chickens).  All of this in a fairly remote area of northwest Cameroon.  There is so much good work done here and the needs are great.  Most of the population they serve cannot afford to pay.  I am making my way around the compound in and out of wards and bldgs.  Haven’t been able to meet with the staff yet as they are so very busy.  Yesterday, i witnessed and photographed a circumcision.  They are done regularly here. Visited and photographed in the maternity and pediatrics wards. Doing rounds with the head doc on Sunday. Next week, we will go to one of the outpost clinics, photograph the pharmacy where they manufacture some of their own drugs and meet with the staff for an overview of their outreach programs, specifically Project Hope.  So much to take in.  The people are open and welcoming, even in their vulnerable states.  I’m posting a pic of some of the children in the orphanage singing me a welcome song.  lots of love…..Image


4 comments on “First two days at St Martin de Porres.

  1. Judy Hirst-O'Brien says:

    It sounds like a wonderful experience so far, I can hear it in your words how much you are
    touched by all the people you are meeting and what you are seeing. Take care, love from home.
    Love Judy


  2. Anika says:

    Hi Terry! I’ve been wanting to go to Cameroon since I was a kid. Will live vicariously through you to get my fix. Good luck, looking forward to reading about your adventure and seeing more pictures!


  3. Donna Keegan says:

    Loving your words and photos. Reminds me of THE COLOR PURPLE – the letter she wrote about Africa. Be safe – kisses to Carol.


  4. Tony says:

    Take it all in… Life is a great adventure


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