First message from Njinikom

hi my loves….i am here in Njinikom…arrived last night around 10 30 after a grueling eye opening 9 hr drive, half of it over very bumpy roads.  flights were good, rested one night in douala and set out after picking up 6 midwifery students from belgium.  full load in van.  today is walk around getting to know what’s what.  later, meeting with hospital matron and directors of various programs here so i can get a full overview of the work they do here and to chart my course and schedule when we will go to out posts and do interviews.  they are very much excited about my work and believe God has sent me to them;–.  no pressure, lol.  but they are very passionate about their work and the people they help.  the ride here was thru many small towns and the shacks and poverty is prolific.  it is everywhere….everywhere.  makes your heart hurt and opens your eyes.  i must remember to keep my heart open and protected at the same time.  my computer is not yet set up to go online so i am in the cafe.  hopefully i will be set up soon.  lots of love to you and i will be in touch soon.


2 comments on “First message from Njinikom

  1. Chez says:

    Hurrah for arriving safely, sounds inspiring Terr, keep up the good work, love from chilly Philly.XXXX


  2. Tony says:

    Have a great experience… what an adventure!


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