To Teach, Advise, Train…

A Call to Mercy’s program with Project Hope provides mentoring for 50 orphans and vulnerable children who are beyond school age.  Some had not been in school for some time so learning a trade provides the best opportunity for a way out of poverty.  Today we went to visit some of the children in the shops where they learn.  Mentoring youths can change lives…and the lives of their families.  Meeting these children and seeing them in the workplace gave us hope for their future.


Paul and Silas, being mentored in the building trade…On site building a house.


Paul, laying bricks.



Silas, leveling.


Meet George, age 15 and Etien, 18, with their mentor Elvis!


These boys have the added advantage of learning two trades, welding and auto mechanics at he same shop.


Gloves and protective shoes are a luxury that is not afforded here.


Mentor, Egidus and his student, Desmond.


Desmond is 14, very poor.  He is extremely enthusiastic, shows up on time every day and stays late.  We think he is a wonderful prospect for success!


He’s covered in the dust of the dry season. Happy to work, Desmond knows every part of the car under the hood.  He is grateful for the support of A CAll to Mercy and Project Hope.  



Vera is 18 and learning the sewing trade.


Vera and her mentor share a laugh during a lesson.




Erickson is 18 yrs old…his mentor, Genesis, just 23.  Genesis started young in the field and has done well.  Now he mentors other youths.


Erickson is doing well, but he lacks proper tools which his mentor cannot provide.  For now, he makes do with what he has available.


4 comments on “To Teach, Advise, Train…

  1. barb says:

    i love Desmond.. great photos Terry, xxx


  2. Val Eason says:

    So disadvantaged yet so absorbed in the skills they are taking on board, I feel pro edged to be sharing this Terri


  3. Carlene nardi says:

    my heart is singing seeing the hope that is being provided by A Call for Mercy. The human spirit is such a powerful thing. thank you T for keeping us connected. I so look forward to beginning my day with your journey. It puts everything in a different perspective, for real for real. Big love to my girls.XOXO


  4. carol says:

    Couldn’t tell our stories without the wonderful photos of my special and talented friend Terry. So many tears and laughter have filled these pages……


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