So many blessings…

Today brought so many blessings, some of which we will post another day.  But this Friday night, we want to leave you with the story of Diran and Ahfombu.  We met them four years ago in the hospital orphanage. Here, when a mommy dies in childbirth and the infant is brought to the orphanage, a sibling has to come along to help care for the baby and provide a family connection.  When the baby is old enough to walk and eat real food, the children are sent back to be reintegrated into their extended family and village.  And so it was that Diran’s mother died while giving birth to Ahfombu and they were both brought to the orphanage.  Diran was 11 at the time.  Today he is 16 and with no parents, is the main caretaker of his brother who just turned 5.  Ahfombu is HIV positve.  Diran cares for his brother by making sure he takes his meds every day and bringing him every month for his check up and medications.  He takes him to school every morning before going to a mechanics shop where he is being mentored, sponsored now by A Call to Mercy.  We had the joy of finding them today at the HIV clinic where they had come for the monthly visit.  We spent quality time with them at our residence re connecting and giving them gifts of hats, clothes and socks that we brought for them.  Loving the children here is so easy.  Their strength and fortitude is beyond what is expected at home.  Their sense of responsibility for family at a young age, astounding.  We are so happy to be able to support these boys and other children like them.  These are the very children who benefit from your generous contributions.DSC_6549P1000266


10 comments on “So many blessings…

  1. Jerrie says:

    The smiles on their faces is pricesless…God Bless

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  2. Jerrie says:

    The smiles 😃on their faces is priceless…God Bless 😇

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  3. Judy. Obrien says:

    What a wonderful gift for both of you. Thank you for sharing your Joy. It is rewarding to see the children that benefit from the Donations. The children are so lovely.

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  4. Carlene nardi says:

    thank you for sharing that magnificent heartwarming story. Your photographs speak to the heart T…the joy, the struggle, the BIG love. I am so humbled by it all.
    Missing u both. XXO.

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  5. terryhirst says:

    Thanks, Car…miss you too. XX


  6. Carlene nardi says:

    Morning angels, terr, I was thinking about Carine. Have you seen her yet? Can’t wait for that reunion. xoxox


  7. keziarenee says:

    How beautiful Terry ~ holding you, and all those there in the Light ~


  8. Jacqui says:

    Such a beautiful story!!!


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