We’ve arrived and it feels like coming home.

We arrived  in Njinikom early Sunday evening after a very long but good journey.  The 8 hour ride from the congested hot city of Douala into the cool mountainous region of the Boyo division is an eye opening drive.  A joyful arrival was complete with waves, warm hugs and a delicious meal.  We are staying in lodging built by docs from Holland, aptly named the Holland house.  The pastural scene is the view we wake up to.  Life is very good and we are excited to get to work.


Girl walking on road.


Vendor at market selling deep fried treats.  I’m inspired by their balance and determined to learn how to carry my camera bag on my head!


Boy at produce stand.


Sunday walk.  Love the colors.


Boys selling homemade brooms along the road.


Good Morning Njinikom.  Farm at St. Martin de Porres Mission Hospital.


Mountains in the near distance.  It is the end month of the dry season. The fog like atmosphere is caused by the blowing Saharan sands.


10 comments on “We’ve arrived and it feels like coming home.

  1. barb says:

    Couldnt begin to imagine what is like there, without photos Terry,
    and yes, the colours.. but in particular.. those 2girls in matching beautiful outfits… . x

    Liked by 1 person

  2. terryhirst says:

    Thanks, Barb. It is common for family members to wear matching outfits and fabrics. Carol and I have one too!!


  3. frankie santella says:

    Beautiful photos! We’re thinking about you guys over here! xoxo


  4. Val Eason says:

    Lovely pics, what a wonderful gift you have xxx


  5. Debbie Mignogna says:

    Thinking of you beautiful ladies. Thank you sharing the photos. xo


  6. Annie Ruppert says:

    Beautiful pictures you are very talented Terry. And I want to see a photo of you and Carol in your ,matching colorful outfits like the girls are wearing in the photo you posted. What kind and giving individuals you both are….I feel like I’ve lost out on years of time not being in touch with you
    both…hope I can correct that. I know that you both enrich all the lives of the people you touch. Stay safe, don’t work to hard


  7. John Walsh says:

    Carol and Terry,
    Love the blog and the pictures.
    Annie and I are proud to have you as friends. We wish you many more successes in Cameroon.
    John and Annie


    • terryhirst says:

      Hey John…sorry we didn’t respond. This post was in the early days there and our internet was not great so we missed a few. Thanks for following the blog. Hope to see you soon!


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