Community Needs Partners to Build SchoolHouse.

While we were visiting schools and making home visits in Njinikom for the Orphan and Vulnerable Children’s Project we visited one school in Twayongha-Balikumato.   This primary school is operating temporarily in a 2 room private home.  There are 50 students at present, from 4-6 years old.  The community has a plot of land allotted to them and it has been cleared for the building of a school for these children, but they are lacking funds.  The families are busy drying bricks for the construction and raising monies from the population, but it is not enough.  The people who live here are mostly peasant farmers.  They produce Arabica coffee as a cash crop and assorted food, vegetables and fruits for their own consumption. They need outside help to get the school built. We were curious about the costs and we visited the site that has been cleared for the school.  The plan is for a two classroom schoolhouse with the possibility of one more being added on.  The total cost to build this schoolhouse is $24,000 USD.  The community will raise 40% and is looking for external support for 60% or approximately $15,000 USD.  Imagine that, helping a peasant community to build a schoolhouse for 50+ young children for $15,000!  Access to education should be every child’s right.  It is the only way out of poverty.  I post this in the hopes that someone reading this may know someone who would love the opportunity to make a grand difference in a small community of 3100 in a small village in Cameroon.  We have the proposal and can put you in touch with the people in charge. Click on any picture to go to Gallery Mode.


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