Visit to the Children’s Surgical Ward

These children have all had surgery for “crooked legs”, a common occurrence here.  They remain in the hospital for many weeks with the stick between the casts, then a few more weeks with the sticks removed.  Often they require more than one surgery to fix the problems.  Mass surgeries are performed every year by doctors from Holland. Click on any image to go to Gallery Mode.  (P.S.  Sorry for the inconsistent formats…I’m having problems uploading decent size images here so am trying different things.)



3 comments on “Visit to the Children’s Surgical Ward

  1. Barb says:

    How can pictures of children ,in plaster, in hospital be beautiful Terry and Carol? but they are.. bless them..the boy on the truck? love that,…x bless you guys..xx Barb xx


  2. Carlene nardi says:

    WOW. These children are our teachers to have gratitude in our lives. Thank you ter, thank you Mimi. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox


  3. Judy OBrien says:

    Great pictures, the smile on their faces is awesome to see. Thanks for sharing your journey.
    Dont forget to get yourself in a picture or two. Love to you and Carol.


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