Our greeters.

Our greeters.

These siblings greet us often when we return to our lodging during the day…Carol has probably slipped them a sweet before:) Their mommy works at a produce stand at the edge of the hospital grounds. Food is sold to families who don’t cook their own and also to hospital workers.


4 comments on “Our greeters.

  1. barbara gunn says:

    all the kids… beautiful..


  2. ali says:

    AMAZING shots Terry. Incredible … I feel like I’m there with the shots. It must be like walking into a National Geographic magazine … love the blog.


  3. Jessie says:

    Thank you so much for being there, for documenting mom’s work, but more so, for documenting why your works there are so important. I love you both so so so much. I can not give enough thanks for women like yourselves. My mothers, my friends.


  4. Renee says:

    I have been so taken with your journey, and have felt so much a part of it ! It has really moved me in many ways – the sadness I see in some of the children’s eyes, the burned child, the hard work required by children, women and men alike to simply sustain life !

    I know it’s not all sad by any means, but the inequity of life is startling ! I knew all this before of course, but now I get to see it through your eyes ! And get to see the surprising things you encounter each day ! Thanks for taking the time and making the technical effort to create the blog site !

    Sending you light, as you radiate heart light in Africa ! xoxo Kezia


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