Sunday was a very busy day. We started at 6am with a traditional African Catholic Mass, complete with chickens at offertory, followed by hospital rounds at 9am with Dr. Jim.  Then we went to a weekly market where Project Hope has a shed set up to engage people about HIV/Aids prevention.  We returned early afternoon and at 3pm were granted some time with the very busy Matron of the Hospital/compound, Sr Xaveria.  What an incredible woman.  She moves mountains.  Then dinner at 7 at the convent, a special invitation where the nuns sang songs of gratitude for 6 visitor (doctor, nurse, dentist and his wife and Carol and I). 


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  1. Judy O'Brien says:

    It is so wonderful to hear that your trip is going well. I am so proud of you, good things will come from your efforts and your wonderful giving soul. Love you dear sister…..Judy Give my wishes to Carol.


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