Day 4

Today is Saturday but it may be Monday before I am able to post this.  The internet is not reliable here and is non-existent on Sunday. Today we met with the Development and Communications Director of Project Hope TSSF, Emmanuel Ngang. He is a bright young man with a Masters Degree in Social Anthropology which he rec’d in Germany. Emmanuel is learning how to fund raise and is hoping we can help him and Project Hope. Project Hope is a program here that encompasses health education, awareness raising, outreach programs, treatment centers for hiv/aids, youth clubs etc.  They do so much with so little.   They know what to do and how to do it but lack resources to sustain their programs. They minister to 800 orphans in the surrounding areas who are living with extended family members and are at greater risk of poor health.  300 of those have serious health issues, ie, TB, HIV, Malaria.  I learned about their insurance program, which is a new idea in Africa – health insurance.  For the equivalent of $10, you can insure a child for 1 year.  This would cover doctor visits at the hospital, treatment and medicines AND transportation to the clinic.  Amazing! 300 vulnerable children with major health issues by our standards could be treated for a year for $3000. We are visiting outposts where they do outreach and youth awareness programs and a treatment center next week.Image


One comment on “Day 4

  1. Kathy says:

    Terry, it is unbelievable what $10 can do. Is there a link to a website to donate or a way through Project Hope?
    Your photos are wonderful and inspiring. Who wouldn’t want to help these beautiful children and their parents that are working so hard.
    With love and admiration,


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