Leaving for Africa

I’m so excited to be going to Africa Feb 4th for two + weeks to do some photography and video at a Mission Hospital and Orphanage in Cameroon.  I hope to journal and post pics to this blog.  If you’d like to see what I’m up to, please register for the blog or click “follow” and you’ll receive notice of the posts.  Thanks.



10 comments on “Leaving for Africa

  1. robhermans says:

    Hey Terry … Safe passage to Africa … Love You. Rob


  2. Lynn Cummings says:

    Terry, you carry all of us in your heart. We’re praying for you and wish you a safe journey full of adventure and promise for all those whose hearts you will touch there. Lynn and Jim


  3. Chez says:

    Good luck aunty terri, “wow” Africa, they won’t know what hit them, lucky souls, look after yourself, we love you loads. X


  4. Rich says:

    Bon voyage! as they say in Cameroon. Wishing you safe and exciting travels, love amy, rich & Thaddeus.


  5. christine says:

    Wow Terri Sounds like a Great Adventure- Take Care! & Enjoy 🙂

    Christine Foster


  6. barb says:

    Have a good trip, What a great experience be safe. xxxx


  7. Tony says:

    Safe trip Terr…


  8. Kathy says:

    We’ll be following you and praying rfor a safe and excellent adventure!


  9. Terry says:

    Your photo’s are incredible. the kind that make you consider their story – hope all is well !!


  10. Deb Shaw says:

    I hope you are safe every step of the way. Much love to you. Deb & Rick


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